The best aircraft innovation since ADS-B

Zenith got rid of the panel in their NEW Zenith STOL CH750 “Super Duty”

This new "Un Panel" was created by Avilution.  They call it XFS and in their words it's a "software-based framework that integrates disparate avionic components into a single, unified, avionics experience... XFS is the hub of the entire avionics system driving multiple displays and unifying all the aircraft's subsystems."

This is going to be a MAJOR industry disrupter from our vantage point.  It is an incredible advance for today's kit builders and hopefully tomorrow's certified pilots. 

Avilution has a video about the XFS here.  Plane and Pilot posted a video of the panel in the Zenith CH750 here and you can go straight to Zenith's website to check it out here.